Thursday, January 19, 2006

Trial and Error

So, the other night I was kinda itching to get on the felting bandwagon and went out and got some nice, grey, cheap merino wool. I bought 4 skeins (220 yds each) and just got to knitting. I was too lazy to follow a pattern so I made one up as I went along.
To the left is the finished knitted bag. It is rather large, as you can see. I obviously doubled the yarn. The dark grey is two strands of the dark grey merino and the lighter a strand of the dark and the light grey. I knit this on size 15 Addi turbo circulars.
I wish I had not been so eager to finish this thing and went out and bought another skein of the lighter yarn to make the grey shades fade more. My rationalization: This is my first felting project and I'm just testing the entire procedure. Ha!
Here's the end result; Shaped and waiting to dry:
I pinched in the sides because they were entirely too long and doing so would also help the bag stand up on it's own. The bag is a lot shallower than I had hoped, but then again, I've never done this before and had no pattern to follow.
Once this thing is dry I'll post pictures.
In other news, my moss stitch jacket sleeves are driving me crazy. That thing is gonna be in hibernation for a little while.


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