Tuesday, February 21, 2006

crazy weekend.

I didn't get much knitting done this past weekend - there were so many unplanned things happening and two tests to study for, so, the needles went on the back burner.
However, I did go to Barnes and Nobles to scour through their knitting books (my favorite!). I have been on the lookout for the Knitted Babes book (many places hadn't heard of it or were sold out), and found it! I also picked up "The Ultimate Knitting Book" from Vogue Knitting. I loved the different stitches and ideas in it. The book also had some amazingly detailed diagrams and 'how-to's". I haven't had a moment to really sit down and check it out cover-to-cover. Seems quite promising.
Andrea did teach me how to make knitted flowers last Thurday evening at our weekly knitting group. I don't know why I was so intimidated by them - they are amazingly easy. I'll have to teach my grandmother.
I showed them to my friends and they loved them. I think I'm going to make a whole batch of them in different colors to give to my friends for the spring. I have the cutest pair of espadrille sandals that are crying for a pair of yellow flowers to be tied to them.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

valentine's day, new dress, etc.

Garrett came down to my house Tuesday night to take me to Cristina's, a new family-run Italian restaurant in Haddonfield for Valentine's Day. The food was fabulous, but ridiculously expensive. We had such a great time, nonetheless. Being the domestic-goddess wanna be that I am, I baked him a cake in the shape of a heart from scratch. The cake itself is a double chocolate fudge and the icing is made from scratch as well. He was embarrassed at first (my parents saw it!) but had a big double helping after dinner. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but it was quite tasty. :)
Garrett's mother, Mrs. Brown, and I had the toughest time two weeks ago trying to decifer the pattern for this twisted handle felted "basket" as the whole thing is knitted in one piece. I couldn't even figure out how to cast on the damn thing, but obviously she figured it out as she made me one for Valentine's Day. She filled it with chocolate truffles - so I was in heaven. The watch in the basket was my gift from Garrett for Valentine's Day. I had been eyeing up that watch for quite some time, and he remembered I wanted it. How sweet.
So right now I'm working on making some obis from some Mango Moon's Recycled Silk that Mrs. Brown gave me for Boxing Day. I thought that they would look really sharp this spring/summer with different jewel-toned tanks and tailored pants or my white skirt. Nantucket cannot come soon enough...
My leg warmers are coming along as well. I finished the first one, but I am having trouble finishing the second. I guess the "phobia" that goes along with finishing the dreaded second sock applies to these suckers. I gotta learn how to knit two socks at one time...
Oh! I am going to a little cocktail party with Garrett for the Princeton Police Department in a few weeks. Of course, I didn't have anything to wear (isn't that always the case with 20 year old girls?) so I went to J.Crew in Philadelphia to check out some of their formal dresses that they have in the catalog only to find out that the dresses I'm interested in are 'Catalog ONLY'. Whatever. So, I just ordered the dress over the phone in the store since if you do that you get free shipping and free returns...So, today, IT ARRIVED. :) I apologize for the condition of my hair and makeup as I just got out of my Macroeconomics class. You know how that goes...that class is terrible. The dress is a little loose in the waist, but I'm glad I got the size I did or else my chest wouldn't fit. Eek. I'll probably get it altered, but I hate doing it.
I have some time to pick up shoes and accessories. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend... :)
The grandmother that goes to a knitting group with me is in the hospital. She was in the hospital for a basic surgery on Valentine's Day for severe acid reflux and since she has problems breathing from years of smoking, she ran into some problems. The surgeons couldn't get her to breathe on her own after the surgery, so they put her on a ventilator. She wouldn't wake up either. All they knew is that the sugery went well, but they couldn't explain why she wasn't coming to or able to breathe on her own. So, right now she's pumped full of morphine. My mother won't let me see her because she thinks that it will upset me. I know she's right. My grandmother and I are incredibly close and it would kill me to see her in the state that she's in. Our knitting group meets on Thursday nights, so tonight I'll be going without her. I'm really worried.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Boring Week

This week was tough - I had two tests and a small essay due for class so there was not much time for knitting, unfortunately. I did assess what exactly was deep in my stash and reorganized it, where I found this:

A Blue Sky Cotton one-piece baby sweater I completely forgot about. I bought the yarn from Sheep to Shore in Nantucket this past summer while on vacation. This is my first project that I have knit in cotton, and I will never, ever, knit in cotton ever again! The final knitted fabric feels beautiful, but I do not like how the yarn does not give and is awkward to knit with.

This sweater is being knit in all one piece, and I will go back at the end and pick up stitches for a collar and buttonband. This is such an easy sweater to make, but all the ends scare me quite a bit (I tucked them underneith the sweater so I wouldn't scare you either!). I am not looking forward to weaving them all in come time for finishing. Ugh.

The leg warmers are coming along beautifully, and the 'Barbie' hot-pink color has grown on me substanially. One is almost finished, actually. I'll post pictures later.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Joelle Hoverson's Leg Warmers

The other day I also picked up some Cascade 220 and Katia Mohair to make the leg warmers from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I love this book - in fact, it is probably my favorite out of my entire library. I find the instructions to be clear and thorough. I'll probably end up knitting every pattern in the damned thing. I thought that I'd start out with the leg warmers as they brought about some major nostalgia. I took ballet lessons for many years while in Kindergarten and grade school, and wore big pink tutus and pink leg warmers to every lesson. Call it cheesy, but not only is pink my all-time favorite color, but I found that knitting them in pink would be a salute to my childhood.
The only thing that I am beginning to almost loathe about this pattern in particular is the recommendation for a size US8 12" circular needle. They first of all, have been a pain in the arse to find. No yarn store that I have been to has had them. Most people look at me funny when I ask if they have them and throw double points in my hand. I could easily knit them on the double pointeds, but I avoid them like the plague! I have knit with them a couple times, and found them awkward to knit with - I know that as I practice with the dpns I will, in time, become confortable with them, but I tend to be an impatient person.
However, I found after a few rows of knitting with the 12" circular that I prefer double pointeds. Grrrr. They are so tiny and even more uncomfortable to use. I do not think I have ever knit so slowly even thought they are Addi Turbos! Oh, well.
I am unsure about the hot/soft pink color combination as it reminds me of Barbie and the crazy packaging she used to come in. The combination looks really young to me. But then again, I am young. 20, going on 21 years. However, should a 20 year old pre-law student be wearing hot pink leg warmers?! I don't plan on going out on the town in these, however. God, I'm getting old.

new yarn, new projects.

I have decided to leave the Moss Stitch Jacket collar alone, so as promised, here is a picture:

As you can see, the collar pulls the bottom edge up substantially as I did not pick up the recommended 206 stitches. However, when the sweater is on, it looks good! I am going to buy a wide ribbon to tie the sweater at the waist. I didn't like it at first, but I like it more and more everyday.

It looks really fashionable when tied at the waist and paired with my favorite pair of black trousers and 4" pointy-toed stilettos. I'll have to model it sometime.

Anyways, I was in Princeton, NJ with my boyfreind this weekend (he lives there permanently, and I only on the weekends) and finally convinced him to take me into Pins And Needles, a fantastic yarn shop right in the middle of downtown Princeton. Of course, I did some damage. It wasn't hard however, since I am a poor university student. :)

I finally picked up some yarn for the Dot Pebbles dolls that I have been meaning to make for a family friend's two young daughters. I had a hard time finding fingering weight flesh colored yarn, but I found it...thank you Debbie Bliss. I am planning on making the dolls to look just like the two girls, Gabriella with brown hair, and Michaela with blonde hair. I do not know who is more excited to see the outcome - me or the girls. I knitted some baby sweaters for their baby brother Nicholas, and they asked me to knit them something. I showed them the dolls and they loved them. I can't wait to get started.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Forget caffeine!

I finally finished the Debbie Bliss moss stitch jacket. I think I need to pull out the collar as I did not cast on as many stitches as called for because I initially thought I would prefer less, and that it would be messy to cast on as many as were called for. It's taken me a while to finish this sweater, and I am going to keep going until I am happy with it...I haven't decided if I will leave the sweater as is yet. I will post pics of it when the decision is final.

Well, classes have been going really well, but for some reason today and last tuesday I could not stay awake in my U.S. History 2 class. I love history incredibly (especially U.S. history) but I couldn't help it - I was so tired. I sit in the front of the class and did not want my professor to see me fall asleep so I went to desperate measures to stay awake:

BEHOLD! Sorry the quality is terrible - I have a shotty digital camera. I'm rather disapointed, in fact. I was quite proud because I able to take notes simultaneously. Here is the one that I sketched today:

That's supposed to be a sheep knitting on a big armchair - just in case you couldn't figure it out. Ha!

So, I'm supposed to be getting ready to go to law school in two years and be working in DC for the CIA, and here I am drawing crazy pictures while trying to keep myself awake in class. Model student, I know. I got yarn on the brain.