Saturday, February 11, 2006

Boring Week

This week was tough - I had two tests and a small essay due for class so there was not much time for knitting, unfortunately. I did assess what exactly was deep in my stash and reorganized it, where I found this:

A Blue Sky Cotton one-piece baby sweater I completely forgot about. I bought the yarn from Sheep to Shore in Nantucket this past summer while on vacation. This is my first project that I have knit in cotton, and I will never, ever, knit in cotton ever again! The final knitted fabric feels beautiful, but I do not like how the yarn does not give and is awkward to knit with.

This sweater is being knit in all one piece, and I will go back at the end and pick up stitches for a collar and buttonband. This is such an easy sweater to make, but all the ends scare me quite a bit (I tucked them underneith the sweater so I wouldn't scare you either!). I am not looking forward to weaving them all in come time for finishing. Ugh.

The leg warmers are coming along beautifully, and the 'Barbie' hot-pink color has grown on me substanially. One is almost finished, actually. I'll post pictures later.


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