Thursday, February 02, 2006

Forget caffeine!

I finally finished the Debbie Bliss moss stitch jacket. I think I need to pull out the collar as I did not cast on as many stitches as called for because I initially thought I would prefer less, and that it would be messy to cast on as many as were called for. It's taken me a while to finish this sweater, and I am going to keep going until I am happy with it...I haven't decided if I will leave the sweater as is yet. I will post pics of it when the decision is final.

Well, classes have been going really well, but for some reason today and last tuesday I could not stay awake in my U.S. History 2 class. I love history incredibly (especially U.S. history) but I couldn't help it - I was so tired. I sit in the front of the class and did not want my professor to see me fall asleep so I went to desperate measures to stay awake:

BEHOLD! Sorry the quality is terrible - I have a shotty digital camera. I'm rather disapointed, in fact. I was quite proud because I able to take notes simultaneously. Here is the one that I sketched today:

That's supposed to be a sheep knitting on a big armchair - just in case you couldn't figure it out. Ha!

So, I'm supposed to be getting ready to go to law school in two years and be working in DC for the CIA, and here I am drawing crazy pictures while trying to keep myself awake in class. Model student, I know. I got yarn on the brain.


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