Sunday, February 05, 2006

Joelle Hoverson's Leg Warmers

The other day I also picked up some Cascade 220 and Katia Mohair to make the leg warmers from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I love this book - in fact, it is probably my favorite out of my entire library. I find the instructions to be clear and thorough. I'll probably end up knitting every pattern in the damned thing. I thought that I'd start out with the leg warmers as they brought about some major nostalgia. I took ballet lessons for many years while in Kindergarten and grade school, and wore big pink tutus and pink leg warmers to every lesson. Call it cheesy, but not only is pink my all-time favorite color, but I found that knitting them in pink would be a salute to my childhood.
The only thing that I am beginning to almost loathe about this pattern in particular is the recommendation for a size US8 12" circular needle. They first of all, have been a pain in the arse to find. No yarn store that I have been to has had them. Most people look at me funny when I ask if they have them and throw double points in my hand. I could easily knit them on the double pointeds, but I avoid them like the plague! I have knit with them a couple times, and found them awkward to knit with - I know that as I practice with the dpns I will, in time, become confortable with them, but I tend to be an impatient person.
However, I found after a few rows of knitting with the 12" circular that I prefer double pointeds. Grrrr. They are so tiny and even more uncomfortable to use. I do not think I have ever knit so slowly even thought they are Addi Turbos! Oh, well.
I am unsure about the hot/soft pink color combination as it reminds me of Barbie and the crazy packaging she used to come in. The combination looks really young to me. But then again, I am young. 20, going on 21 years. However, should a 20 year old pre-law student be wearing hot pink leg warmers?! I don't plan on going out on the town in these, however. God, I'm getting old.


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