Monday, March 27, 2006

I am a big, fat PRINCESS.

Oh boy, was I a princess this weekend. Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown and I took off for the Waldorf last Friday, leaving Garrett behind to finish up some work (he's training to be a police officer!). Our Sunday Best in tow, we sped up the NJ Turnpike to start our weekend of luxury ASAP. Mrs. Brown and I both had casted on new projects in the car. I faired well considering that I casted on the 'Rambling Rose' sweater from the new Rowan 39. The pattern calls for US1 for the bottom ribbing - I'm suprised I didn't stab myself AND/OR make myself go blind thanks to the atrocious condition of the lovely NJ Turnpike.
Once you spend a night in the Waldorf Towers Luxury Suites, you can do WHATEVER you please. I could have told my valet to do a handstand and he would have done it with a smile. The black tie dinner was phenomenal. There was baked salmon on a bed of lentils and asparagus, and then filet mignon and potatoes as the main entree. Dessert? Strawberry Shortcake. Writer/Lawyer Scott Turow spoke during our meal - he was phenominal as well. I thoroughly enjoyed myself aside from my having one too many glasses of red wine. It was a blast. Garrett and I ended our night sprawled out on the king-size bed in the white signature plush terry robes atop monstrous down comforters watching COPS as he stuffed himself with food from a food service cart. What a life.
Late the next day, we made our way up to Mystic, Connecticut to finalize the sale of Joy's (Garrett's grandmother) summer house in Groton. Mrs. Brown and I made our way over to Mystic River Yarns before closing! I couldn't resist some lace-weight baby alpaca. I rationalized my purchase by promising to knit my mother a lace stole. We'll see.


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