Thursday, March 16, 2006

Princess for a Weekend.

Garrett called me last night - right on time, as always.
Him: "Hey, bunny! How was your day?"
Me: "It was okay, I guess. I'm ready to go back to school next week - spring break isn't so great this year. I miss you, sweetheart."
Him: "I miss you too. But my parents are going to the Judges Dinner next week at the Waldorf-Astoria and we would like to invite you to stay with us all next weekend. We got two luxury suites."
Me: "Whoa." ...:::silence:::...
Him: "Is that a yes? You can take a big bubble bath and knit all day looking over Park Avenue."
Me: "You're taking me to TIFFANYS!"
Him: "I hope you're kidding."
So, I'm going to be a princess for a weekend. Well, I've always been one, but this just substantiates it. God, I am such a brat. I'm making Garrett take me into Tiffany's - just to look.
I know what I'll do - try to set up a wedding registry. That'll scare him. I gotta get him back for having the staff at 'Joe's Crabs' in Princeton for singing 'happy birthday' to me even though it wasn't my birthday. Perfect revenge.
So, tomorrow I'm going shopping with one of my best friends from high-school to pick out outfits that are Waldorf Towers-worthy. I love being a girl.
Oh yeah, that's right - this is a knitting blog. So, onto the knitting. Heh.
I started my first pair of socks (took me long enough)! My fellow knitters at the Knitting Knook always bitched an complained about turning the heels of socks, so I was really nervous to start. I turned the whole darn heel myself without an extra assistance and everyone was amazed. They all wanted to know my secret. So I gave it to them: FOLLOW THE BLOODY PATTERN. They stared at me as if I was speaking in German.

I finally finished my leg warmers while watching Oprah today. I was so relieved. The first leg went quite quickly. The second, on the other hand, was more like pulling off a stubborn band-aid. I lost my drive and stamina come the "second leg of the race" (oh, boy that was a good one!! HAHA!), but I am happy with how they turned out. They are incredibly warm, and incredibly soft. I just never would knit them ever again. No, thank you!


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