Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Kitchener Stitch Stinks.

So, I finished one of the Mountain Colors socks Saturday night. I decided to stay in since the Thuderstorms were pretty bad. We had some minor flooding and I didn't think my Civic Hybrid would fair well in the weather. So, I used it was an excuse to sit inside, curl up on my couch and get some knitting done. I have never been so excited about a pair of knitted socks before (probably because I've always used crappy yarn), and I wanted them to be perfect. I got to the toe, and remembered that my Kitchener stitch is really bad. It's so awkward for me. So, I am not happy with the toe too much, but otherwise, I love the way they are turning out.

I also have been knitting Rambling Rose from the new Rowan 39. I substituted the 4-ply cotton with Baby Cashmerino since I pretty much loathe knitting in cotton. It's quite sad considering that I love cotton sweaters, but I just can't deal with knitting with it. It drives me insane. It doesn't stretch, it's cold and dense, not to mention it doesn't keep its shape too well. Here is the back so far:So, I opted to go with a yarn that I have knitted with many times before, and knew. I like the way the 4-ply cotton gives the sweater an organic, handmade feel - something that the smooth Cashmerino wouldn't do. So, after many different swatches, I decided to twist my purl stitches.

That's the clearest detail shot I could get out of my camera, but I think it gets the idea across. I am happy with it so far, but I have found some mistakes already in the pattern. For the life of me, I cannot find anyone with the same problem (or that is knitting the same pattern) online. I know that it is a misprint, and not just me. The increases in the back piece are way off.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Whoa. Almost an entire month without a single post. Honestly, I have not really had a whole lot of time to post the past few weeks - school has been crazy and I was asked to give a speech to Congress on Capitol Hill. But, there has been plenty of knitting!
A pair of Mrs. Beeton's for Shelly's birthday (sans beading)! In her favorite colors, of course. She loved them.

I started a pair of socks in Mountain Colors - I love this yarn. My mom would have stolen them already, but I threatened her with my US 4 Addi Turbos. These are mine.

My boyfriend took me to New Hope, PA last weekend. We had a romantic lunch in the middle of town under an umbrella sipping on iced tea through straws. We walked off our lunch afterwards in town soaking up the sunshine. I didn't think he could top the afternoon until he got me in his big F-150 and took me across town to The Gazebo - a hole in the wall fiber shop in New Hope, PA. His mother had been there the weekend before and told him that I would love it because they had a massive shelf of Koigu. Mrs. Brown knows me well. I told Garrett that I want my engagement ring to be made of Koigu. He told me he'd keep that in mind.

I bought a couple skeins of each. I'm set for a few short weeks. I have a hard time finding Koigu in my area - but hopefully this will hold me over until the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!

As a result of the fabulous afternoon in New Hope staring deep into eachother's eyes over panini sandwiches under the sun, and trips to The Gazebo and The Wooly Lamb he got one of these: