Monday, May 22, 2006


Things have been absolutely insane lately.
I finalized my plans to intern this summer with a Congresswoman in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill. So, instead of knitting like crazy (as I usually am) I have been shopping and planning like crazy. If all goes to plan, I will recieve 12 credits towards my degree. Big smile....
I finished a pair of ankle socks this week. I do not have a picture yet. I also worked on my "extra credit" for Project Spectrum. It's turning out amazing - I get compliments everywhere I go...
I haven't decided what yarn will be traveling with me down to DC this summer. I am figuring my Rambling Rose sweater is a sure thing as well as my "extra credit" for Project Spectrum (it's going to be a surprise!). I researched where all the yarn stores are in the DC/VA area and am sure that I will be making routine stops at each shop this summer so I shouldn't bring too much yarn with me. But I figured some of my Koigu and other sock yarn will suffice.
I already have plans to knit on the national mall on lazy weekends. Melissa (my best childhood friend) will be interning there in the summer as well (in another office) and will be living across the street! I will have plenty of quality time with her - I am so excited.
I made a list of books to read this summer as well (although the list is short since I will be working 50-55 hours/week and writing a 25 page paper).
I leave in 6 days. I cannot wait.

Can you imagine seeing this every morning as you walk to work?

I forsee this summer as being extremely productive.


Anonymous Erin said...

I hope you have the best time. I interned in DC on Capitol Hill my last semester of school and ended up staying there for about 4 years. I loved every minute of it. Right now is the best time to be there too. Enjoy it!

4:27 PM  

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